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Your Seat in the Women’s Wisdom Circle Awaits You!

Circles are an ancient tradition. Women have gathered for millennia as an opportunity for connection and sharing of collective knowledge.

At SWC, we offer a complimentary monthly Women’s Wisdom Circle. It has been a joy to have amazing women of all ages join in from far and wide - Boca Raton to Australia.

The goal of the circle is to spark a conversation that is relevant to our lives right now and for the participants to share their wisdom for the elevation of all. I love to pick the topic, provide a little information and see where the discussion takes us. Everyone leaves feeling uplifted and recharged, while knowing that their contribution and viewpoint is valued by the other women in the circle. When we get together this way, we find there is much to learn from one another.

Why join our circle? Well, for starters it is:

  • A safe, welcoming and confidential experience

  • A way to come together to share, be listened to, and support one another

  • A no criticism and no judgment zone

  • A place where you can be your authentic self

  • A disconnect from the busy outside world and a great stress-buster

  • An immersion into your truth

  • A reminder of the power and wisdom of feminine energy

  • An opportunity to connect with other women on the path of personal development

This article is a great overview of why women’s circles are so empowering:

We invite you to join us each month at SWC to take your seat in the circle!

With love and light,


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