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You Can Develop 5 Simple Habits To Be More Creative!

Are you feeling less creative than usual or looking for ways to spark your creativity? If so, you may want to try these five tips from leadership coach Allison Holzer, more fully described in the article linked below, to get flowing:

1. Get to the root issue of burnout. To pinpoint the reasons why you may be feeling burned out, ask yourself whether it’s physical burnout and getting more sleep and eating the right foods can help. Or is it more likely emotional burnout, and you’d benefit from more regularly scheduled self-care time in order to recharge? Do you feel a lack of self-advocacy and need to talk to a therapist about feeling hopeless or down? Whatever root issue is at the root of your inspiration slump, it’s important to find ways to reduce stress to allow more energy and space to be creative.

2. Connect to your purpose for the day. “It can be but doesn’t have to be a Big Thing,” Holzer says. “Purpose is a big driver of inspiration and creativity.” Asking questions about what you want to be that day and what type of impact you want to have in the next 12 hours can lead to thinking about creative ways to structure your time. What’s more is that when difficult circumstances arise the opportunity presents to find new ways in which to interact with your purpose, though your default methods may not be an option anymore.

3. Find mini ways to recharge throughout the day. If you feel like you’re going nonstop, moving from one task on your to-do list immediately to the next, all day long, finding small ways to recenter your mind can be important. Try a meditation practice called mono-tasking, which is when you turn a mundane task—like brushing your teeth or washing the dishes—into a grounding, intentional ritual.

4. Give yourself an opportunity to be bored. In addition to these mini breaks, try carving out time in your schedule to do literally nothing. Having unstructured time gives you breathing room and time when you’re not just going from one activity to another.

5. Spend time with people who inspire you (even if it’s just virtual time). Inspiration is contagious—even if what someone is excited about isn’t exactly the same as what you’re into. All emotions are contagious, but we learned that inspiration is really contagious. If you’re with someone inspiring, you start to feel that energy, and it leads to feeling greater possibility in yourself.

Go deeper here:

Will you develop any of these tips as habits to spark your creativity?

With love and light,


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