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Wisdom Story of the Month: Counting My Blessings

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This is the season for parties and family gatherings, gift-giving, candles and celebrations—and, of course, the time for important religious holidays. And we are lucky here in Boca Raton that Santa can wear sunglasses on Christmas Day! As the last month of the year comes into view, I am reminded that, most of all, this is a time to count my blessings. 

I am beyond grateful for the renewed bonds and new friendships I have made with the wonderful people who have participated in the Sattva Wisdom Center since our first official event in April.  I am beyond appreciative for the love and support my family has generously provided me in this new endeavor. I am forever thankful for the peace, love and learning that emanates from the Sattva Wisdom Center.  

I know that joy can be found in the quietest of moments and the smallest things—a kind word, a shoulder to lean on, a smile, a moment of understanding in a shared experience. This too is a blessing. The past year has brought our community its share of sad moments, in the form of illnesses and the loss of loved ones and friends. I am reminded that each moment is truly a gift to be unwrapped, opened and explored. Our possibilities are endless and filled with light, even in times of darkness. This is also a blessing.  

I know that 2020 will be an amazing year of exciting new offerings at the Sattva Wisdom Center. This is another blessing. Blessings are all around me. I am grateful for all of my blessings and filled with joy as I reflect upon them. I wish the same for you and look forward to seeing you soon!

With love and light (and gratitude)


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