Wisdom Story of the Month: Flipping the Script

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

“Simple but not easy” is a phrase I hear often from my yoga teachers. Even the most straight-forward yoga pose can still be very difficult to master. Conversely, in my practice of law, when faced with a complex problem, I know that the simplest and most elegant solution is always the best. In each instance, achieving the desired result takes time and effort (and it isn’t easy). 

At the Sattva Wisdom Center, we get together to explore ways to better understand ourselves. Whether it is through meditation or using a system such as numerology, astrology or Ayurveda, we are seeking the same result—a loving life in balance and harmony.  But to get there we must do the inquiry into ourselves—our past, our patterns and our predispositions. And that isn’t easy and it takes courage to face ourselves clearly and without judgment.

I would always joke that certain events in my life were a “blessing and a curse.” Later, I learned that the Yoga Sutras teach the practice of Pratipaksha Bhavana, which means to cultivate a positive thought every time a negative thought enters the mind. I now like to think of it as “flipping the script.” 

Recently, I was discussing with a friend whether our lives are predetermined by our karma (or past). My view is that we are born with certain tendencies to act or react, whether you believe this is karma-based or not. It is the gift of free will that affords each of us a chance to flip the script and break free of thoughts and actions that no longer serve our highest good. That is the work we have come into this world to do. 

With practice and time, I have realized that the most difficult experiences in my life have led to some of my greatest lessons and opportunities for growth. These events were truly a blessing and a curse. I can choose to dwell on the curse or decide to breathe in the blessing. And through practice and time, it has become easier for me to catch a negative thought before it becomes permanent and shoo it away by choosing a more positive approach. I am also more aware of using self-defeating language when communicating with others and the good feeling that comes from instead selecting words of affirmation, positivity and strength.

Simple, but not easy. It’s hard work. The road to self-understanding and self-acceptance is truly a hero’s journey. The Sattva Wisdom Center is a great, safe stopping off spot on the way. Come and join us! 

Love and light,


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