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Wisdom Story of the Month: Reflections on the “Great Pause”

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Since last month, much has changed, and much keeps changing, in our lives. The future seems quite uncertain and unpredictable. But one thing remains the same—our desire, even need, to be connected.

We are blessed with the technology to keep us together in a virtual sense. I so admire all of the teachers in SWC’s Wisdom Yoga Collective. They have stepped right up and adapted to teaching with Zoom as their platform. I am so appreciative of the participants who support SWC and, in turn, help us support the Palm Beach County Food Bank. It may sound strange, but I am in gratitude for the opportunities the Great Pause has given to all. I am hopeful we can use this experience to appreciate our true interconnectedness with all living things, to increase our outreach to those who need a hand, to recognize our power as citizens to advocate for meaningful positive change and to develop skills that empower and ground us and keep us inspired.

We are working on all types of new offerings that align with that vision.

The Sattva Wisdom Center is a place of higher learning and also a place of refuge. We invite you to join SWC on its path into the future!

Love and light,


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