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Silver Linings

The pandemic has been incredibly tough on all of us, worldwide. But we are resilient and move forward.

In a recent article, people were polled about some of the silver linings that came out of the pandemic for them.

You can read more here:

Below are just a few of the silver linings that people identified:

A better environment. The natural world had a chance to reset, rejuvenate and heal itself.

Increased productivity and focus. Having less distractions allowed for more concentration on things that matter.

Appreciation for the human spirit.

Amidst grief and loss, people found room for meaning and gratitude in their lives.

Work-life balance and mindfulness.

Slowing down gave us the chance to evaluate what is most important, personally and


Connection and community.

People went above and beyond to help each other through trying times. We connected with people not physically near to us through Zoom. Many had the chance to spend meaningful time with family members in a way that was different than before.

While acknowledging that the pandemic has exacted a terrible toll, we can better chart our path forward to our new “normal” by keeping some of these positive aspects of the

experience in mind.

Have there been any silver linings in the pandemic for you? Let us know!

With love and light,


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