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What Kind Of Leader Are You?

As I have written about before, we are exploring at SWC what being a “leader” means, particularly during our turbulent times.

It is time to move away from the old hierarchical idea of leadership - where someone is in front barking orders and everyone else falls in line (which I admit, can be useful when you’re a mom and your kid is about to do something dangerous). Now is the time to think about leadership in new ways.

This article posits that there are actually five different leadership styles. You may have a mix of them all, although one or more may predominate.

Here is what the author says are 5 possible leadership styles:

Leader Within. Leader Within is the foundation upon which all other leadership styles are built. Leader Within holds both self-acceptance and self-authority, which is reflected by our capacity to act with integrity according to our personal values.

Leader in Front. Leader in Front holds the grand vision and engages and inspires others. Unlike the traditional model of a leader, a Leader in Front does not need to have all the answers and instead captures the range of talent from those around them. By fostering leadership in others, the Leader in Front generates collaboration, involving and therefore engaging everyone in the direction and mission.

Leader Behind. In essence, Leader Behind embodies coaching as a competency to evoke the leader in others. Leader Behind listens on all levels, including the space in between words, and connects individual pieces with the greater vision. This is where service is born, behind the scenes, bringing the vision to life.

Leader Beside. Leaders Beside may be called to work in tandem with others, in an authentic partnership where the inner-play of leading and following intermingles. In this dimension, engaging conversation, dynamic disagreement and fluid spontaneity foster unexpected results.

Leader in the Field. Leaders in the field are open to the unknown, understanding that when they let go of what is defined and known, instinct will emerge to guide and direct action. Leaders in the Field set the highest standards by knowing when and how to act in any given situation.

What kind of leader are you? What kind of leader do you want to be? Let's continue to explore this together.

With love and light,


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