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What Doing Nothing Can Teach Us About Creativity

Since we are all constantly multi-tasking, I thought it would be interesting to see how being unplugged for a bit may help to spark creativity. The author of the article linked below says it can do wonders!

The idea is that intentional, planned boredom is not “nothingness.” On the contrary, there’s much “somethingness” in letting go of distractions.

As the author notes, we’re all perfectly capable of taking ourselves off autopilot and accessing our inner-brilliance. We just need to stop reaching for stimulation. “We humans do our most original thinking and best problem-solving when our brains are allowed to wander. This high-level creative thinking takes place in what’s called ‘the default mode’ network of the brain. When it looks like we are doing nothing or spacing out, our brains are actually incredibly busy.”

Studies suggest that seemingly mindless moments, like walking without distraction, level up both productivity and creativity.The article includes examples of ways to build this type of allowing, rather than doing, into our daily lives.

What will you do this week to spark your creativity by doing less?

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