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What Does “Mother” Mean To You?

As we get ready for our pre-Mother’s Day event, I am thinking about the discussion we recently had in SWC’s Women’s Wisdom Circle about the feminine archetype known as the “Mother.”

An archetype is a pattern of energy that is easily recognizable to human beings. We identify with archetypes as they are primary characters or personalities of the human condition. That is why we see the “mother” archetype everywhere - in movies, television programs, books and advertising and on and one.

Real women are a combination of archetypal characteristics or are different archetypes in different settings. The archetypes can be used as a tool to call in certain types of energy when you need them.

Each archetype also has a shadow side. This just means that the characteristics found within the archetype may hold negative qualities and consequences, and it is important to be aware of these.

The key attributes of the Mother archetype include these energetic qualities:









The shadow side of the Mother archetype includes:




Loss of self

Neglect self-care

Generally, the Mother is attuned with nature and the natural cycles of the planet. She is nurturing, abundant, generous, caring and compassionate, and able to look after others. The Mother is bursting with fertility, and has a drive to provide for her loved ones.

Although the energetic qualities of the Mother are often expressed through child rearing, they are also expressed through gardening, caring for animals, and fostering the growth of communities. This energy can also mean being creative and sustaining what you’ve created, allowing it to blossom. Examples of this are nurturing a new business venture or putting time into a creative project.

The Mother archetype also brings a vital quality in leadership so that whatever you are collectively working on sustains its life. This is one way that feminine leadership has a very positive, exponential effect on communities, since strong leaders create more strong leaders.

Some of the ways that you can embody the Mother archetype are by:

Nurturing loved ones

Taking care of your home

Creating something with your hands

Spending time in nature connecting to Mother Earth

Learning to be resourceful

We invite you to join us on Saturday May 8th at 10:30 a.m. for a special Women’s Wisdom Circle led by Suzanne Wachtel, LCSW. Pour a cup of tea or a mimosa and take your spot in the circle for a fun and lively discussion of what “mother” means to each of us. Feel free to bring a picture of anyone you would like to honor for Mother’s Day. Find out more here:

With love and light,


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