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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Tuesday, December 1st at 7:00pm - 8:15pm EDT

With Sattva Wisdom Center and Spoken Word Yoga

(Denise Ganz, Juli Kagan and Christine Lewis)

Want more meaning and purpose in your life?

Then join a monthly discussion exploring revolutionary approaches to mindfulness and action.

We are excited to kick off W.A.K.E. (Wisdom Action Knowledge Enlightenment) with an overview of the newest book by world-renowned loving-kindness meditation expert Sharon Salzberg.

“Real Change—Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and the World” is the definitive mindfulness guide for today’s turbulent times.

Sharon knows that when we feel burned out and overwhelmed, we can freeze and get stuck.

In this book, she shares ideas to free us from negative feelings and give us the courage to push beyond limiting beliefs that hold us back from action.

What Will I Learn?

The intention of W.A.K.E. is to make you feel hopeful instead of hopeless.

W.A.K.E. uses traditional techniques of mindfulness and meditation to support you in finding inner peace and balance and identifying the action items, large or small, that can bring you more fulfillment.

W.A.K.E. offers a unique take on various reference guides and books through lively and meaningful discussion and suggestions for action that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to be an agent of positive change.

You don’t have to read anything in advance to participate!

In W.A.K.E. you will get:

•A guided meditation in each session

•A discussion that will expose you to new ideas and ways of thinking

•Ways to continue the work in between sessions

•Access to a Facebook group where we can keep the conversation going and share the triumphs, the good, the bad, and the in-between

•Calls to action and service opportunities that promote the well-being of our community and the world

Investment:$8 plus seva (service in Sanskrit) if you so choose

Pre-registration is required. You will receive a Zoom link at the time you register. If you don’t receive it, please contact us at least 30 minutes prior to the class start time via TEXT at 561-654-6847. The Zoom meeting room will open approximately 30 minutes before the class starts. Please join at least 15 minutes early to make sure we can address any questions you may have about Zoom and to give you time to settle in.

Register Here:

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