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The Powerful Energy of Money

By Stephanie Levenston

I firmly believe that each of us has an innate ability to tap into our inner wisdom and knowing. My work as an intuitive channel has only reinforced that thinking. But it wasn’t until I was fortunate to get to know Lynne Twist, the author of the book “The Soul of Money” and her work, that I began to really understand the energy of money. It was a life-changing experience. She has shown me how to teach others to connect more deeply to the energy of money.

We don’t often examine or question our  personal relationship to money—the “why” behind the choices we make in directing this energy source. Even more so, we don’t typically think about how the way we spend, save and invest our funds can impact the world.

The needs of our planet are great and increasing by the moment. We each have an opportunity to wisely use our money as we purchase products and services to benefit the planet—it can really be a win-win situation. Choosing what you purchase can bring about powerful change, including personal and global healing. Even very small shifts in your consumer behavior can have large ripple effects.

The Conscious Consumerism course at the Sattva Wisdom Center allows you to explore your beliefs and unconscious conditioning about money. You will learn how your spending can positively impact the world and simple, yet effective, steps you can take to become a conscious consumer. Join me to reclaim your consumer power and harness it for the good of all!

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