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The First Wisdom Story of the Week-Reposting In Celebration of SWC’s 2nd Birthday!

The Sattva Wisdom Center (SWC) slowly came into vision during the summer of 2018. However, to be able to tell the real story behind SWC, I have to wind back time to give this story structure and a framework!

The house where SWC is located was purchased by my (then) husband and I in 1993, as I waited to give birth to my first child, a son, later that year. I guess you could say that both the house and I were ripe with possibilities!

So much has happened in that house since then—we welcomed our son and then our daughter, celebrated fun and joyous occasions, had tons of parties and get togethers, fought, cried, ended a very long-term marriage, weathered job changes, gently coaxed a child through a life-threatening mental illness, welcomed an amazing puppy, saw kids leave the nest—you get the picture.

Flash forward to early 2018, over 25 years later, and our family dog and I are poised to be the only beings in the family who live in the house on a permanent basis. I had a decision to make—should I stay or should I go?

I was secure in my profession and happy with my life’s circumstances. I was lucky to have the choice to keep or sell my house. I was (and remain) lucky to be able to make choices about my future. I knew that my work as an attorney would continue, no matter what. But after devoting my heart and soul to raising my kids, I longed for something new that would nourish my heart—something that was solely for me.

I had spent the prior four years immersed in my own studies —carefully selecting a “college level” curriculum in the metaphysical arts and yoga philosophy— and felt strongly it was time to “graduate” and do something with all the knowledge I had gained. After the election in 2016, I had joined with a group of committed and principled people to lead a large grassroots non-partisan political activism group, called Palm Beach Indivisibles,

and I planned to continue that work.

I also wanted to find ways to unite the consciousness raising that was going on in PBIN with the consciousness raising that was happening in my metaphysical and yoga worlds. And I wanted to unite the different aspects of me—the mom, the lawyer and advisor, the yogi and the activist, into one cohesive whole.

I began to picture a “clearinghouse” that would bring wonderful teachers together with people who wanted to learn about the science and art of metaphysics and yoga philosophy, to be empowered to use their voices for positive action, and to find a warm and welcoming community that would be a safe harbor in today’s turbulent times. I wasn’t sure that could or would ever happen.

Now back to the house. As I was considering my options, I wondered if too much negative energy lingered there (and even if the house would feel bad if it were sold to someone else after so many years of being in our family). So I jokingly asked my dear friend, the amazing Stephanie Levenston who is a gifted channeler, whether she could channel the house. To my surprise (and I think hers) the house came through and made clear that it is neutral—as communicated to me, the house just watches its humans come and go—and doesn’t give a fig about who lives there and doesn’t store their energies!

Next I explored whether I could make some changes to the house to give me the fresh start I wanted. Through a good friend, I was introduced to the wonderful Mary Dennis, a Feng Shui expert, among her many talents. She and I met for the first time, she asked me some questions, and although I never said anything directly about my “clearinghouse” idea, MD told me that I should consider redesigning the house for just that purpose! She also told me she had run a similar center from a house she owned in Deerfield Beach during the 1980s.

I knew that this was more than mere coincidence. It had never occurred to me to use the house as more than my own living space. MD’s words convinced me that my idea could be launched from the house and things snowballed from there.

The process of changing the appearance of the house and turning it into SWC took an emotional toll, just as MD said it would. It was as if the house and I were transforming together, as I went through the process of shedding 25 years of “stuff” that had been collected there (although apparently the house took it much easier than me)! And then in a few months it was done and once again, the house and I were ripe with possibilities! (Some before and after pics are at the end of this story.)

With the help of my beloved sister, Bari Auerbach, I settled in the name “Sattva Wisdom Center.” I chose “Sattva” because in Sanskrit it is the quality of goodness, positivity, truth, serenity, balance, peacefulness, and virtuousness that is drawn towards “Dharma” (finding your own path and purpose) and “Jnana” (knowledge).

Another dear friend and talented graphic artist, Wendy Feldman, gave me the gift of the SWC logo. I wanted a tree to be the centerpiece of the SWC logo, because its roots and branches represent the connection of all living beings to one another and to the universe (“as above, so below”).

After that, ideas began to gel, and many of the trusted and skilled teachers and facilitators I have come to know stepped forward to be a part of SWC.

Flash forward again to the Spring of 2019. SWC is about to open its doors to an awesome group of teachers, facilitators and community members. I feel gratified to know that a portion of all proceeds at SWC events will go to a charitable cause. I feel sure that SWC will fulfill its aim of being an institute of higher learning, building a group of people who raise their vibrations together. I am beyond excited to be part of this new concept!

As an end note, I believe that everyone has a story (or many stories) about their own lives and experiences that can bring pearls of wisdom to others. I invite you to submit your “Wisdom Stories” to me at to be shared on our Facebook page.

Love and light—


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