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SWC Goals

At SWC, we have some very specific goals.

First and foremost is for SWC to be a place (virtual for now) where all people feel welcome and included.

Another is to provide a way for people to feel connected, seen and heard.

At SWC, every voice matters.

While not all of us share the same backgrounds or life experiences, most of us share some of the same concerns, desires, hopes, needs and fears.

As part of one overall system of life on this planet, we are all impacted, directly or indirectly, by the collective.

As a result, we can all be part of the solutions, whether for ourselves, a larger group or all of the above!

Grace Tame, 2021’s Australian of the Year, says “it starts with conversations. Communication breeds understanding and understanding is the foundation of progress. Lived experience informs structural and social change.

When we share, we heal.”

Skill-building, meditation and mindfulness practices also provide great support.

With these things in mind, SWC’s “curriculum” is designed to foster opportunities for conversation, learning and developing greater self-awareness.

I am really excited about the unique line-up of classes and workshops we have planned for February.

•Learn to build confidence and break through blocks in “Confidence 101.”

•Take control of your brain health in “Clarity, Cognition and Concentration.”

•Try a new meditation technique in our evening meditation classes.

•Join the W.A.K.E. discussion group, where we explore the intersection of mindfulness and action.

•Come to the Women’s Wisdom Circle to talk about a different aspect of the “divine feminine” each month.

•Learn about the five love languages in a special Valentine’s Day event.

•Combine movement, mantra and meditation in our Bhakti Yoga workshop.

There are lots of other great things coming up in March and April and we will be providing information soon.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

With love and light,


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