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Special Workshop Ritual and Grace—A Practice of Reflection

Saturday December 12th @ 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EDT

With Ellen Patrick

Get support during this unprecedented shift in human history, with a beautiful and poignant workshop of ritual, meditation and prayer.  

Ellen Patrick has designed this class so you will come away feeling uplifted and transformed.

What Will I Learn?

Ellen will start with Ritual—the language of symbols—in which you will invite a conversation of higher inspiration. She will describe how ritual plays a foundational role in feeling grounded and empowered.

Then she will move to Meditation—the language of Spirit—where you will listen deeply to uncover the truth of who you are and how you can be aligned with the yearnings of your soul.  

Finally Ellen explores Prayer—the language of the heart—so you can ask for the guidance and support necessary to influence your life in a more enlightened direction. 

Please bring a candle, lighter, journal and pen.

Eligible for CEU credits that may be submitted to Yoga Alliance.

This is part of an on-going series presented by Ellen at SWC.

Investment: $25 in advance with Promo Code: REFLECTION; $30 same-day registration

Pre-registration is required. You will receive a Zoom link at the time you register. If you don’t receive it, please contact us at least 30 minutes prior to the class start time via TEXT at 561-654-6847. The Zoom meeting room will open approximately 30 minutes before the class starts. Please join at least 15 minutes early to make sure we can address any questions you may have about Zoom and to give you time to settle in.

Register Here:

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