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On Self-Care

Let’s face it—the world right now is stressful. On top of all our usual concerns, we have brand new unexpected world-wide worries.

For this reason, self-care is more important than ever! Please set aside any ideas that self-care=selfishness. We’ve all heard it a million times in pre-flight instruction—the first thing you do is put on your oxygen mask so you can help others.

Similarly, we need to prioritize our self-care to make sure we are able to be there for ourselves, our family, friends and community.

At the Sattva Wisdom Center we are all about giving you ways to feel grounded, inspired and empowered with learning of all kinds.

This is a form of self-care. Take a look and treat yourself to the SWC events coming up—including a deep dive into meditation with our meditation training, a chance to express yourself through movement and journaling in Flow Writer, a fun sleepover vibe with yin and a DIY facial in our Girls Night Yin event, and connection in our Women’s Soulful Supper Club (and more).

Find out more at

We invite you to join us and can’t wait to welcome you!

With love and light,


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