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On Refuge and Relaxation

Next week will be historic for our country. While the outcome of the election is unknown, and the impact of the pandemic continues to cast a pall, we can still find ways to connect and achieve peace of mind.

We are looking forward to two special events at the Sattva Wisdom Center.

The second session of W.A,K.E. (Wisdom, Action, Knowledge and Enlightenment) is on Election Night. It will be an uplifting discussion of the intersection between mindfulness and action, based on Sharon Salzburg’s newest book, Real Change. I can’t think of a better refuge from the events in the news that evening!

Then on Thursday, we invite you to join us for our Women’s Soulful Supper Club, where we will get together for connection and conversation to explore the Fall theme of “Harvesting Our Intentions.” There will also be a fun presentation on unique wines to choose for upcoming holiday dinners. Pour a glass of wine or a cup of tea, feel free to have dinner or a snack, and pop in for a relaxing evening.

As always, we have many other great things planned for you at the Sattva Wisdom Center, so you can find ways to feel grounded, empowered and inspired.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

With love and light,


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