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On Food, Connection and Community

I am a “foodie,” always keeping up with the latest food trends and the restaurant scene in South Florida and NYC. I love the excitement and buzz of a restaurant, the people-watching, and the fun of having an interesting conversation over a great meal. I have missed that a lot during the pandemic, although I have continued to support local places through take-out and outdoor dining.

I also love to cook (although to be honest I don’t love the cleaning up part that much). The planning of the meal, the shopping, the chopping, the improvisation; it is all part of the experience. Cooking is a kind of meditation when done alone. But it is the sharing of the results of my efforts with others that is really the point for me.

Recently, I had the chance to cook dinner with my daughter and her significant other, who were visiting from L.A. It was a great way to connect—as we prepared the food we talked about all sorts of things, including our respective memories of other cooking and food experiences. Our time in the kitchen created a relaxing and delicious evening that helped create a bond among the three of us.

Yesterday, we had a challah baking class at SWC. I had no idea that the act of baking challah is an ancient Jewish tradition steeped in spiritual meaning. I learned much about the way in which intention can be infused into each ingredient and step in the baking process. It is said in Judaism that if 40 women bake Challah with intention, it has the power to change the course of natural events!

So I have been thinking a lot about the place that food and cooking have in relation to our connection to one another and the world. Such a basic need, with so much more to it.

I also think about those in our community who experience food insecurity. 1 in 4 children in the United States may experience food insecurity by the end of this year. I feel immense gratitude for the privilege I have to enjoy food the way I do. That is why SWC has donated a portion of every dollar received to the Palm Beach County Food Bank since March. It is just a small thing SWC can do (with the help of the SWC community) to give back.

If you are interested in ways you may help ease food insecurity, here are some resources:

Feeding South Florida Distribution Locator

Palm Beach Harvest

Food Not Bombs

Hospitality Helping Hands- Saturdays at 1 pm – Volunteers needed at the Palm Beach Port

With love and light,


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