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On Communication and Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin is one of my idols. A true genius and all around cool guy, he did many innovative things, including establishing the United States Postal Service and serving as its first postmaster general.

Ben had myriad motives in taking this position—including a chance to travel, get good gossip early and increase the circulation of his newspaper. Most of all, Ben knew that effective communication is key. Ultimately, his postal system created crucial connection among the colonies and helped unite the newly independent United States.

We all have reason for concern when an American institution like the post office is weaponized for political purposes. While this drama plays out in the national spotlight, I have been wondering what Ben would say and thinking about communication in all of its forms.

Recently, I received a handwritten card from a new graduate of high school, responding to a gift I had sent. In her writing, I could hear her voice, feel her gratitude, and sense her excitement about her college future.

I was reminded of a letter I received when I was in college from my mother, now long deceased. I still have the letter and look at it from time to time. When I see the old-fashioned cursive, the scratch-throughs, and re-read the details of the day recounted in her words, I feel a connection to my mother that defies time and space.

Letters are an old-school, still excellent, medium for communication. Now, with social distancing, we are finding new ways to stay connected through the internet.

Let’s be innovative and committed to keeping our connections going. Make that call, send that text, get on yet another Zoom meeting, type that email and yes, mail that letter.

I am sure Ben would approve of that!

At The Sattva Wisdom Center we are committed to providing a wide variety of experiences so you can feel more grounded, inspired and informed.

We are excited about our new Flow Writer monthly class, where you can express yourself through movement and writing. Its an easy and simple way to keep your communication skills vibrant and alive!

We can’t wait to welcome you.

With love and light,


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