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Looking Forward To 2022

It’s almost 2022! I am sure all of us are looking forward to new beginnings and a fresh start. For me, the past months have been unbelievably hectic with my “day job.” I am also finally getting the cataract surgery I’ve postponed since 2019. I am excited for the clarity of vision that this will provide for me personally and as I contemplate the next steps for SWC.

I am sure you all know how much I cherish the gatherings, the sharing of experiences and the opportunities to learn from one another we have had at SWC. I am planning new and fresh collaborations and experiences for our SWC community, with in-person events, starting in 2022. Additionally, we will be creating an on-line community to allow us to connect away from traditional social media and a monthly newsletter with great information, tips and tricks to help you live your best life.

In the interim, Juli Kagan is providing a weekly opportunity for you to refresh and recharge with her lovingly presented restorative yoga class each Wednesday at 4:30 via zoom. We will also have our complimentary Women’s Wisdom Circle in November and December.

Look for more updates in December. Stay tuned!

With love and light,


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