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It Takes A Village

When my children were very young, I watched to see when they would eventually notice that people have different skin color.

This was just an intellectual curiosity. I always tried to be gender and race neutral in our home. It was pretty funny when my 3 year old son said he didn’t know men could be lawyers after the first time he visited my law firm!

As they grew older, my children and I often explored matters of justice, equality, morality, service and politics.

In this effort, I had help from others—including my husband, family members, the teachers at school and temple, and the members of the community who sponsored service projects for which my children volunteered.

While my kids are now grown, we continue to have conversations about the big things we discussed when they were little. I am lucky to have the Sattva Wisdom Center as another outlet to talk about these matters.

When I was introduced to Traci Baxley, I knew that her Social Justice Parenting program was a great fit for SWC. As an educator, author, speaker and mom to 5 bi-racial kids, she has spent years developing tools to use in raising independent, compassionate and socially conscious children. Traci believes that parents can’t do this job alone and that it “takes a village.”

On November 16th, Traci will present an overview of her program as part of our MasterMind Mondays series. Whether you are a parent actively raising kids, a grandparent, or like me, want to be part of the effort to help children become the future leaders we need, this event will be inspiring. We hope you will join us!

With love and light,


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