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Happiness When Social Distancing

This month’s theme at SWC is “Happiness and Joy.”

Today we are looking at ways to find happiness when maintaining social distance.

Here are some tips from


So your home has now turned into your office, gym, restaurant, and bar. An upside: ten-second walk to the kitchen. A downside: plenty of distractions. If you’re new to the work-from-home life, see how nine creative professionals arrange their home and work space. Their advice? It can be functional, and it can also be a sanctuary. A good diffuser, incense or candles can help transform the energy of a room.


Working out and getting fresh air are both generally good for bolstering your immune system and overall well-being. If you can, try a quick lap around the block, or hit play on a new streaming workout. Don’t forget to stretch and take some deep breaths.


What we can’t afford to lose sight of: We’re all connected and in it together. The CDC suggests talking with people you love and trust about how you’re feeling to help you cope with stress and, in turn, deepen your friendships and strengthen your community. Send digital acts of kindness when you can (we’re also loving virtual happy hours with friends). And while it’s important to stay informed, set boundaries with how much news you consume. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people try checking for information at specific times during the day that you set for yourself, for example, twice a day.


Scheduling time for activities such as reading and meditating can add some joy to your day. Set up a meditative space to retreat to and play a virtual sound bath.


Things feel uncertain (they are). Act on what you can control. Getting involved or engaging on a local level (through your community or peer to peer) can boost your mood and make an impact. The WHO suggests checking in on neighbors and offering childcare for health care workers if you are able. And there are plenty of other ways to help: Goop created a guide on how to support kids, seniors, and vulnerable communities.

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