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Essential Oils - Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

By Arianne Traverso and Ashley Pribisco

These days, far too many of us are living with high levels of stress as a result of the demands of our fast moving culture, the changes in our lives due to the pandemic and the torrent of upsetting and sad news. The ever growing to-do list, daily responsibilities, work, and self care can all start to feel like impossible tasks to accomplish.

We know that when we take care of ourselves through diet and exercise that our body receives what it needs to take better care of us. When we don’t eat well and exercise, we limit our body’s capacity creating a never-ending cycle.

How do we return back to our natural state of health? And can we do this naturally without bogging down our system with synthetic remedies?

What options do we have to feel better naturally so we can more effectively manage and respond to what we are feeling and boost and support our immune system?

Essential oils are powerful tools that can help return you back to your natural state of thriving. They are nature’s medicine cabinet and a great foundation for healthy lifestyle shifts.

In the interactive workshop “Essential Oils for Immunity Boosting” at the Sattva Wisdom Center on 9/21 at 7:00 p.m., Arianne Traverso and Ashley Pribisco will discuss the array of emotions we experience as humans, how to better navigate our inner world naturally, and empower you with education about essential oils and how they work with your natural body chemistry to support your emotional and mental wellness and boost your immunity.

Participants will be mailed samples of essential oils.

You can register here:

See you there!

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