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Divine Alchemy

Do you desire personal change? Are you recognizing a behavior pattern that no longer serves you or are you feeling “stuck” or uncertain about the future?

Divine Alchemy is a process designed to provide the tools to transform just about anything!

What is Divine Alchemy? It is a process inspired by the yoga sutras—specifically, the definition of “Kriya Yoga” (more on that in a moment!).

The ancient writings of the yoga sutras reveal sophisticated psychological concepts that we can use in our modern lives.

As a certified yoga therapist, I know that yoga therapy is much more than just a way to deal with physical limitations. It is also a method to overcome emotional and psychological limitations.

I created Divine Alchemy to support you in a journey inspired by the following principles of Kriya Yoga:

Svadhyaya, or self-study. You will come to know yourself better with a more compassionate heart. This more loving heart-space allows for the healthy expression of grief to move through you as you let go of “what was.” The freedom to accept the current world situation with strength and grace will now be accessible to you.

Tapas, a practice of creating the passion and motivation to transform your relationship to the present moment and influence your attitude, health, relationships, community and environment. You will become the warrior the world needs now to partner in the reshaping of humanity and its relationship to all beings and our environment.

Ishvara Pranidhana, an acknowledgement of our inability to control our external world while, simultaneously influencing it to shape and co-create a healthy self, society, economy and ecological structure that honors and supports all beings. While all directions and answers may remain uncertain, you will come to trust in your inner, divine guidance to move you forward with courage and confidence.

The three-part Divine Alchemy course is on consecutive Saturdays starting October 10th. It will include a Facebook page for participants to stay connected and resources between sessions to keep you going. Register by 10/5 for the early bird discount!

Investment: $100 (early bird special $90 if registered by October 5th when you use the code SWCDIVINE)

Register Here:

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