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Core Values As the North Star for Your Post-Pandemic Life

In these weeks and months as we re-emerge into a world that is largely post-pandemic, we might ask ourselves, “What do I want ‘normal’ to look like?”

We all yearn for the end of the human suffering brought about by the pandemic. And many, if not most, of us look forward to the end of the constraints and inconveniences it has imposed.

The time before we fully reenter the world should not be wasted. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

One way to take advantage of this chance is to do a deep dive into your values and how you can use them as a “north star” as you chart your path forward.

But that begs the question: Do you really know your core values? Have they changed? Are they just component parts of your most important values?

This article has some good information on identifying your 2 or three main values, using a list created by Brené Brown:

Find the list here:

In the article linked above, the author suggests these steps, based on Brown’s list:

Step 1: Get to self-awareness through meditation. Get quiet and listen for your inner voice.

Step 2: Cross-out your non-values. Which values are just “not you”?

Step 3: Circle your value finalists (20 or less). Which values are you good at? Which values do you want to be good at? Which values sound cool, but you are not sure about? Somewhere in this list are your core values.

Step 4: Sequence your values. Go through your finalists and put them in order. For instance, Curiosity and Learning feed into Knowledge. Growth comes after Knowledge. See if you can distill your list into your two or three main values.

Step 5: Review your crossed-out values to see what you learn about yourself. What you end up with is a better understanding of how you got to your core values.

Step 6: Practice your core values. Periodically check in with yourself to see whether your life choices are consistent with your core values.

Step 7: Share with somebody you trust. Feedback from a trusted source can be helpful in evaluating and confirming your values.

Step 8: Practice empathy and self-compassion. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Cheer yourself on!

How will you use your core values as you move forward? Let us know!

With love and light,


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