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A New Way To Think About Resilience

In March and April, the theme for SWC is “resilience.” I often felt that I was resilient to the stress and pressure of my work, even though it sometimes made me feel burnt-out. This article provides a new take on the concept of resilience that I find very useful:

In it, the author, Rachel Rhee, notes that the typical dictionary definition of “resilience” is focused on the idea of bouncing back; the recovery from setbacks.

She says “But when I hear the word resilience now, I think of something else: "How can I actively support myself through life so that I can thrive?" After years of misinterpreting the word, resilience has come to mean supporting my emotional, mental, and physical needs so that I can show up for myself more fully through highs and lows.”

Here is a summary of Rhee’s three tips to redefining “resilience” and avoiding burn-out:

1. I acknowledge my emotions. Society often does not encourage us to openly talk about our emotions. However, by allowing yourself to acknowledge how you feel—as scary as it may be—you may find yourself more motivated to take those first steps forward.

2. I am constantly renewing my energy sources. Ultimately, you are the authority on what fills up your tank—what makes you light up and feel energized. To tune in to what you need more of, journal on questions such as: "Where am I headed on my current path?" and "Where would I like to be headed?" Explore the "why" of where you are headed in each.

3. I have found sustainable self-care rituals. I split self-care into four categories: physical, mental, emotional, and relational. Is what I am doing going to support me in a meaningful way? Does it feel sustainable to my life so that it can provide myself care in the long term? These are some of the questions I ask myself.

With her take on resilience in mind, knowing that life is ever-changing, I am going to see what I can do to keep her tips in mind and build a new way of being resilient.

With love and light,


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