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10 Tricks to Boost Creativity

As we move further into a post-pandemic existence, we are being called upon to be more creative than ever as we re-examine our vision for our life in the future.

The article linked below includes 10 tips to post your creativity,

Here is a summary:

1. Go for a walk: One 2014 study found that people tend to be more creative when they are walking rather than when they are sitting down.

2. Reward yourself: If you are trying to find inspiration, try promising yourself some type of desirable treat as a reward for coming up with a creative solution.

3. Take a break: People often suggest taking a break from a task when you’ve hit a creative block. Studies have found that placing some psychological distance between yourself and the problem might also do the trick.

4. Surround yourself with inspiration: Stimulating environments can facilitate creativity, so surrounding yourself with things that you find inspiring and motivating can help.

5. Create restrictions: The next time you are trying to solve a problem, try limiting the things you can use to come up with a solution. You might find yourself coming up with new and innovative ideas that you might not have considered otherwise.

6. Daydream: Boredom encourages creative thinking because it sends a signal that the current situation or environment is lacking, and looking for new ideas and inspiration helps overcome that.

7. Re-conceptualize the problem: Revisit the problem from the very beginning. Is there a different way to think about the problem? Can you look at the issue from a different angle?

8. Get emotional: Research has found that both strong positive and negative emotional states were linked to creative thinking, so the next time you do find yourself in a negative emotional state, try applying some of that energy towards solving a problem or accomplishing a task rather than just sitting around fuming.

9. Surround yourself with blue: According to researchers, the color blue helps encourage people to think outside the box. Since blue is heavily associated with nature, peace, and tranquility, the color tends to help people feel safe to explore and be creative.

10. Meditate: Research has shown that certain types of meditation are linked to an increase in creative thinking. Meditation has long been used as a relaxation technique, but recent research has demonstrated that health benefits extend far beyond relaxation.

Will you use any of these tips this week to spark your creativity?

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